• Wohler Hike This Sunday 8/09/15

    Hello, Boyz!

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    Hello, Boyz!  It’s been a long time since I hosted a hike, but the weather this Sunday will be sunny, HOT, and beautiful, with 88 degrees forecast…so let’s head to the woodz!



    —SUNDAY 08/09/15

    * JOIN RJ for a BWClub NUDE HIKE to WOHLER BEACH & MEADOW along the beautiful Russian River in Sonoma County.


    MEET RJ at NOON in the main parking lot ($7 fee per vehicle) inside RIVERFRONT REGIONAL PARK at 7821 Eastside Road in Healdsburg (though actually closer to Windsor; there is a StreetView photo of the road and the gate online).  There is limited shaded parking alongside the redwood grove in which are found the picnic facilities and restrooms.  Visit:


    At 12:15pm we’ll hike (clothed) to Wohler woods, at which time (barring civilian sightings) we can strip down and finish the hike through the woodz, the meadow, and down to the beach completely buck-ass naked.


    BYOWater, swimwear (in case civilians show up), sunblock, and blanket and/or lawnchair.  There is a HUGE meadow, a gravelly sand beach, tons of shade, and very cool water for swimming.  And note that this outing will entail a hike of approximately 75 minutes in and 75 minutes out, plus any time spent cruising/socializing/relaxing at the beach and/or meadow.


    So we’ll see you Sunday at Riverfront Park at NOON.

    Or, we’ll see you in the woodz!

    RJ Pupkin
    Founder & Grand Exhausted Poobah

    The “Boyz in the Woodz” SF Bay Area Online Gay & Bi Men’s Hiking & Social Club





  • Sun 7/20/14-Nude Hike-Marin-Hagmire Pond

    Hello, Boyz!

    This is an e-mail of the “BOYZ IN THE WOODZ” Gay & Bi Men’s Hiking & Social Club at http://BoyzInTheWoodz.org.

    Hagmire Pond

    This Sunday, 7/20/14, we’re going for a nude hike in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area up Randall Trail.

    This is a gorgeous wooded foot trail from Highway 1 all the way up to Bolinas Ridge. It’s a rarely-used trail on which it’s possible to hike for hours and not run into another soul. The Boyz have hiked up Randall many times in the past, sometimes encountering other hikers, sometimes horseback riders, and sometimes no one at all. The GGNRA is federal land, and there is no federal law against nudity, so, as long as you’re not caught by a park ranger touching yourself or another in a sexual fashion, you are breaking no law.

    On October 21, 2000 we camped at adjoining Samuel P Taylor State Park on Saturday night and then hiked naked down Randall Trail the next morning, spending the sunny afternoon naked at Hagmire Pond and Starlight Meadow.

    Bring clothing you can carry (e.g., shorts and a t-shirt), along with water, a camera, and condoms & lube (if, given the opportunity, you might need them), and be prepared for a rigorous hike of at least an hour up a steep, winding dirt road, and another hour back down, plus goofing around time on top of the ridge, and lounging time at sunny Hagmire Pond below. You may also want to bring and leave in the car a lawn chair and/or blanket and food and sunblock, in case you decide to “stick it out” at Hagmire/Starlight after the hike. Ahem.

    MEET RJ at 1200-1215pm at the Randall trailhead at Hagmire Pond, on Highway 1 between Olema and Dogtown (just north of the turn to Bolinas). There are PICTURES & MAPS at http://www.BoyzInTheWoodz.org, and here are DIRECTIONS TO HAGMIRE:

    Hagmire/Starlight/Randall is on Highway 1 between Olema and Stinson Beach, 6.1 miles south of the intersection of Sir Francis Drake in Olema, 2.4 miles south of the Five Brooks Trailhead, and just 1.5 miles north of Dogtown.

    From Sonoma County, take Highway 1 south from Pt. Reyes, 6.1 miles past Olema. When you pass Five Brooks Trail head, you’re 2.4 miles north. Look for the cars along the west side of the road and the cattle gate on the east side, with a sign for “Randall Trail.”

    From San Francisco, take the Highway 1/Stinson Beach turnoff from 101 and take the long drive past Muir Beach and Woods, Stinson Beach, and past the Bolinas-Fairfax road intersection. When you pass Dogtown you’re close; the “Dogtown Pottery” sign is 1.5 miles to the south. Look for the cars along the west side of the road and the cattle gate on the east side.

    At 1215pm we’ll begin our nude hike up Randall Trail to Bolinas Ridge, and then return to Hagmire Pond and Starlight Meadow to spend the afternoon naked in the sun! Join us! It’s free!

    And we’ll see you in the woodz!

    Hagmire Map Composite


    RJ Pupkin
    Founder & Grand Exhausted PooBah
    The Boyz In The Woodz Gay & Bi Men’s Hiking & Social Club




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  • Sunday Nite Queer NBay Nightclub

    Hello, Boyz!

    Just found out about a new LGBTIQ nightclub in Sonoma County. Mind you, it’s only queer on Sunday nights, but that’s better than nothing.

    “Mavericks is the largest nightclub in the North Bay with over 8,000 square feet, capacity of 600, two huge dance floors, 30 Beers on Tap, great sound system, 6 Big Screen TVs, and a full restaurant with the best pizza in Sonoma County. All of our doughs and sauces are made fresh and baked in a stone pizza oven.”

    This is from their website at www.MavericksSantaRosa.com, but like their description of their food, the domain is misleading. They’re actually located north of Santa Rosa closer to the town of Windsor (their address is: 397 Aviation Blvd Ste E, Santa Rosa, CA 95403; phone: 707-544-1562), in the shopping center with the movie theater on the west side of the freeway off the Airport Blvd exit. And they don’t have a “full restaurant.” They just offer 1) Pizza, 2) Wraps, 3) Salads, and 4) Appetizers. And it appears as though the 30 beers on tap in their bar is ALL there is.

    This place is a cowboy warehouse that’s really about just three things: 1) Line Dancing, 2) Beer, and 3) Pizza. According to Yelp comments (3 out of 5 stars based upon 11 reviews), the staff is rude and arrogant, the food sucks, and the joint is dirty and empty. But it IS queer on Sundays, so what the fuck? If you’re in Sonoma County, don’t wanna stray from Highway 101, and just wanna hook-up with new guys and get laid, just put on boots and jeans and a plaid shirt and cowboy hat and you’re in.

    Visit their Yelp page to get the whole story: http://www.yelp.com/biz/mavericks-santa-rosa

    Just DON’T tell them RJ sent you.

    And we’ll see you in the woodz!
    __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

    RJ Pupkin
    Founder & Grand Exhausted Poobah
    The “Boyz in the Woodz” Gay & Bi Men’s Hiking & Social Club


  • C E L E B R A T E ! Today-530pm!

    SF City Hall with Rainbow Lights

    With today’s decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court finally acknowledging the right to same-gender marriage on the state and federal level, this year’s San Francisco Pride celebration this weekend will have even more meaning for all of us who have waited so long!

    Of course, a blanket statement by the court that defining a marriage as only between a man and a woman is clearly unconstitutional would have been the best possible scenario, but we are no longer second-class citizens and are finally enjoying equal protection and equal rights.

    Here are the decisions:

    Federal DOMA: Provision of law passed by Congress is unconstitutional; “5-4: DOMA is unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons that is protected by the Fifth Amendment.” http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/12pdf/12-307_g2bh.pdf

    California’s Prop 8: Appeal denied, lower court ruling stands which abolished Prop 8; “8-1: We hold today that we lack jurisdiction to consider it in the particular context of Hollingsworth v. Perry.” http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/12pdf/12-144_8ok0.pdf

    The party begins today at 630pm at the intersection of Market & Castro streets in San Francisco, but the streets in The Castro will be closed by the SFPD by 5pm. So come on out and bask in the glow of our historic victory!



  • The Billys at Sarasota Springs

    Here’s an event posted to the San Francisco Men’s Only Party Yahoo Group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SanFranciscoMensOnlyParty


    Billys Men only Summer Event at Saratoga Springs in Two weeks.
    Posted by: “Mike” ecclesmike@aol.com ecclesmike@rocketmail.com
    Date: Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:50 pm ((PDT))

    OK boys! Today is the day! Step right up!

    CHAOTICA July 4 Billy Gathering at Saratoga Springs

    Lake County, July 2 – 7, Billys only (gay, bi, queer men, including transmen)

    We have dazzling rituals, mystical workshops, chaos and order galore, our culinary mastermind-Burt, has concocted sumptuous and delectable taste treats for you to savor daily. Don’t miss the big wheel of Karma – do you dare to take a spin? See the lovely (and slightly hairy) princesses of the Hawaiian Islands as their wiggling hips drive you wild with desire. Give yourself over to “Interdependence Day” – can you learn to trust? See the pool filled with frolicking naked men – will you serve or be served by the pool? (You know I am talking about sorbet right?), the warm Saratoga Springs sun, the glittering land and tall and watchful trees all call to you. Do not ignore their call. We all want to see YOU in all your chaotic glory. Join the fun, join the frenzy, join the serenity, and join us at CHAOTICA!

    Be sure to join the 110 others who have already paved the way for your registration. Registration is still open today until 5:00 pm at the regular prices – It is waiting for YOU!

    We, your co-coordinators, Kirk Read, Paul Ryder, Scott Wilburn and I, Michael Eccles and I can’t forget our portfolio holder and queen of CHAOS, Michael Towne welcome you.

    To register go to: www.TheBillys.org.

  • SF Pride and www.Faetopia.com


    Just in time for San Francisco Pride, it’s www.Faetopia.com, with dozens of great events!



    From June 21st to June 28th, Faetopia creates new realities in the long-vacant Tower Records space, near Cafe Flore at Market St & Noe St. This weeklong fey-stravaganza creates real community for Pride, bringing together many different queer communities for a celebration and exhibition of radical queer art, ecology, history, sex, and more. You can find out more about the vision behind Faetopia here.

    And here is the full schedule of activities:  http://faetopia.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/FAETOPIA-FULL-SCHEDULE.pdf

  • Sonoma County Pride This Weekend 6/1-2/13 in Guerneville on the Russian River

    Sonoma County Pride 2012

    THIS WEEKEND IS PRIDE in Sonoma County celebrated in quaint little Guerneville on the beautiful Russian River.

    Saturday, June 2, 2013 is a talent show at the Vet’s Building in Guerneville from 7-10pm; $10 advance tickets from the Guerneville 5 & 10.

    Sunday, June 3, 2013 is the big day, with a parade at 11am down Main Street, and a festival from Noon-6pm at the Guerneville Lodge at 15905 River Road just east of town.

    For all the details, including the entertainment line-up, visit: http://www.SonomaCountyPride.org

    Purchase Talent Idol Tickets Here

    Sonoma County Pride Celebration

    Pride 2012 - Photo by Dave Hall

    Guerneville Lodge