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This page is all about the members of the Boyz in the Woodz Club.  You’re welcome to give RJ your picture(s) and profile for this page…the newest members will always be on the bottom (as it is in life).  If you’re an old, existing member and you’d like YOUR place here, RJ (who obsessively maintains meticulous records of such trivia) will track your membership back as best he can and put you on the wall in the order of your seniority.    Nude Woody . . Woody believes our bodies are beautiful blessings, gifts which should be celebrated, not be hidden ~ compulsory clothing is the highest form of self hatred. Clothing should only serve its intended functions, to protect from the elements when needed and as an accessory on occasion. Nudity ~ skyclad ~ should be the status quo. Woody spends as much time naked as possible. Often you will find him out and about running errands, meeting with friends, or just relaxing, naked, in the Castro neighborhood where he lives. Woody is also studying history at San Francisco State University. He will graduate with his BA in December 2011. He hopes to continue with graduate studies, focusing on United States nineteenth century history,with a special focus on the development of sexualities as well as the identification of the body in public space. E-MAIL: NudeWoody@NudeWoody.com . ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ . Mark Hall · 51 · San Francisco v4velveeta@yahoo.com http://profiles.yahoo.com/v4velveeta


____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Edwin Mah EMahgic@earthlink.net chink boy, 5’2″ 115, 58 smooth, mustache and love to take whatever Daddy can give.. mostly submissive.. and get into nasty talk and the wood sound like fun.  Like 420, but is all.

____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ . Graham H 27yo in 2012 DCDupontDudeHere@gmail.com My name is Graham. I’m a 27 year old, blonde hair, blue eyed, nerdy triathlete who just enjoys being naked anytime and anywhere. I enjoy being outdoors, camping, hiking, group fun, and just being naked with as many guys as much as possible. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ EastBayBehr@gmail.com-P1,2 hello. i’m greg (eastbaybehr) i live in emeryville. just recently moved here from southern california. i’m married forever to a woman. love to play with guys on the side. love to be naked in nature. tend to be very oral. on the nasty side. love man smells watersports rimming. love a nice walk in the woods. a fat guy so need to be carefull about the level of effort on the walk as i’m out of shape but would LOVE a few regular buds to walk with to change that. often have weekday time for a good walk. Greg in Emeryville EastBayBehr@gmail.com ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________


My name : Ty
Stats: 230 lbs 6′
Location: Occidental
Interests: meeting other gay and bi guys for safe m2m fun
Contact: Outdoor69ing@yahoo.com

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Chris Beecroft-P01

My Name: Chris aka hiker28342

I’m 49, 5’10”, 190#, blond, hazel, beard, shaved head, consider myself a cub, reserved, live in SF.  Interests are wide ranging: tech head/gay geek, into music, math, history, arts, foreign film, travel, food, wine, craft beer, hiking, camping, generally more hobbies than time. Fetishes include furry guys and otters.

Contact: aldebaran@pobox.com

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________


NAME: Anthony Blancaneaux

STATS: 6’2″, 180#, 49 year old

INTERESTS: going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and anything outdoors that involves being naked.

E-MAIL: Blancaneaux@att.net

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To post YOUR profile and pictures here, send them to: RJ@BoyzInTheWoodz.org ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________
RJ Pupkin
Founder & Grand Exhausted Poobah
The “Boyz in the Woodz” SF Bay Area Online Gay & Bi Men’s Hiking & Social Club

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