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RJ used to host our signature Nude Sunday Hikes weekly.  But some weeks we went to clothed venues, particularly in the case of inclement weather.  Don’t think that’s a strictly summer/winter sort of distinction, however…the SF Bay Area is funny that way…some days in July are FREEZING cold with blowing fog, and some days in January are gorgeous and sunny and 75 degrees.  We play it by ear.  It almost never rains here in the summer, but some of the hottest days, best for gettin’ naked, are in October.

And, of course, sometimes it’s nice, for a little variety, to go somewhere where it’s neither legal nor customary to be naked.  But there are TONS of legally (or at least customarily) clothing-optional venues in the SF Bay Area, which is chocked-full of federal park land, where there is no law against simple nudity (believe it or not, that is also the case within the city limits of San Francisco, to our great joy).

But weekends in San Francisco (and the surrounding counties) there are myriad Sunday activities that lead even die-hard nudists (and we DO mean “HARD”) to occasionally put on some shorts and mingle with the civilians.

SO, though Nude Sunday Hikes are a thing of the past, we do often attend the following annual events, clothed or not.


PLEASE NOTE: This list is PERENIALLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION, and events listed below WITH year dates (e.g., “03/04/12”) have been UPDATED as of 03/20/12 (some event websites are slow to post the date for the next year after the current year’s event, in which case the current year’s date, which has expired, is still listed here); however, those withOUT year dates (e.g., “12/31”) were last updated in 2010.  Many of the events listed are followed by pictures of RJ in costume at the events:


SF BAY AREA free, fun, and/or queer EVENTS:


03/04/12-NAPA VALLEY MARATHON in Calistoga http://www.NapaValleyMarathon.org 03/19/12-SF Cacophony Society’s BRIDES OF MARCH http://www.BridesOfMarch.org

03/24-25/12-OAKLAND MARATHON http://www.OaklandMarathon.com 04/01/12-SF ST STUPID’S DAY PARADE http://www.SaintStupid.com 04/08/12-EASTER “INDULGENCE IN THE PARK” http://www.TheSisters.org

04/08/12-SF Cacophony Society BUNNY JAM http://www.BunnyJam.com 04/08/12-ATHLETA PETALUMA FOOTRACE http://www.PetalumaFootRace.com 04/21-22/12-SEBASTOPOL APPLE BLOSSOM FESTIVAL http://www.SebastopolAppleBlossom.org 04/22/12-WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE http://www.SFWNBR.org 04/28/12-PETALUMA BUTTER & EGG DAYS http://www.PetalumaDowntown.com/PetalumaFestivals.aspx 04/29/12-26th Annual PETALUMA ANTIQUE FAIR http://www.PetalumaDowntown.com/PetalumaFestivals.aspx 05/19-20/12-SF MASTURBATE-A-THON http://www.Masturbate-a-thon.com 05/12/12-13th GREAT PETALUMA CHILI COOK-OFF http://www.GreatChiliCookOff.com 05/19/12-17th PETALUMA SALUTE to AMERICAN GRAFFITI http://www.AmericanGraffiti.net 05/19/12-118th SANTA ROSA ROSE PARADE http://www.RoseParadeFestival.com 05/20/12-101st Annual BAY TO BREAKERS RACE http://www.BayToBreakers.com

05/19/12-KFOG KABOOM-NOT SCHEDULED http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KFOG_KaBoom 05/26-27/12-The 34th Annual SF CARNAVAL PARADE & FESTIVAL http://www.CarnavalSF.com 05/27/12-Golden Gate Bridge turns 75 http://GoldenGateBridge75.org/celebrate/golden-gate-festival.html 06/03-09/12-AIDS/Lifecycle5 585 mile SF-LA BIKE RIDE http://www.AIDSlifecycle.org 06/17/12-WORLD NATURIST DAY http://www.inf-fni.org/calendar/event.php?calendar=1&category=&event=104&date=2012-06-17 06/10-19/12-NAPA VALLEY PRIDE (NO parade, NO festival) http://www.NapaValleyPride.com 06/10/12-107th Annual MARIN DIPSEA RACE http://www.Dipsea.org 06/23/12-19th Annual SF Dyke March http://www.TheDykeMarch.org 06/23/12-PINK SATURDAY http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink_Saturday 06/23-24/12-41st Annual SF PRIDE http://www.SFPride.org

07/05-09-GRUNGE GUYS GATHERING in SIERRAs http://GrungeGuys.com/content/gatherings/gggregistration/registration.htm 07/04/12-Cacophony “XMAS IN JULY” SANTA RAMPAGE http://www.boyzinthewoodz.org/?page_id=106

07/08/12-10th Annual PETALUMA ART & GARDEN FESTIVAL http://www.PetalumaDowntown.com/PetalumaFestivals.aspx 07/08/12-NAPA INLINE MARATHON http://www.CORA.org/2012NapaIM.htm 07/14/12-33rd Annual MOON AMTRAK in ORANGE COUNTY http://www.MoonAmtrak.org 07/09-15/12-36th Annual NATIONAL NUDE RECREATION WEEK  (Ending on RJ’s birthday!)  http://www.ClubLANG.com/links/NudeRecreationWeek.html 07/13-15/12-WATERBOYS WEEKEND-PALM SPRINGS http://www.WaterBoys.com/WnH 07/15/12-WINE COUNTRY HALF MARATHON http://www.Napa2Sonoma.com 07/15/12-SF AIDS WALK http://www.AIDSWalk.net/SanFran 07/28/12-BAY OF PIGS Grunge Dance Party http://www.FolsomStreetFair.com/BayOfPigs 07/29/23-DORE “Up Your” ALLEY FAIR http://www.FolsomStreetFair.com

08/17-26/12-28th Annual GAY NATURISTS GATHERING http://www.GayNaturists.org 08/24-26/12-SAN JOSE PRIDE http://www.SanJoseGayPride.com 08/27-09/03/12-BURNING MAN http://www.BurningMan.org 08/30-09/03/12-Annual MANSCOUTS/BILLY CLUB GATHERING at Rancho Cicada http://TheBillys.org 08/31-09/09/12-18th Annual CMEN WEST COAST FALL GATHERING http://www.CMEN.info 09/04/11-(NOTE: LAST YEAR’S DATE) OAKLAND PRIDE http://www.OaklandPride.org 09/09-12/12-LEATHER / LEVI WKND at Sarasota Springs http://www.LeatherLevi.org 09/10-11/2011-(NOTE: LAST YEAR’S DATE) GSGayRODEO BEST BUCK IN THE BAY in LaHonda http://www.BestBuckInTheBay.com 09/27/11-(NOTE: LAST YEAR’S DATE) EAST BAY DYKE MARCH  http://www.SistahsSteppin.org 09/16-23/12-SF LEATHER WEEK http://www.FolsomStreetFair.com/leather-week 09/22/12-MAGNITUDE Leather Ball http://www.FolsomStreetFair.com/Magnitude 09/24/11-(NOTE: LAST YEAR’S DATE) SF LOVEvolution PARADE http://www.SFLovEvolution.org 09/25/11-24th Annual PETALUMA ANTIQUE FAIRE http://www.PetalumaDowntown.com/PetalumaFestivals.aspx 09/23/12-FOLSOM STREET FAIR http://www.FolsomStreetFair.com 10/07/12-38th Annual CASTRO STREET FAIR http://www.CastroStreetFair.org 10/04-08/12-FLEET WEEK http://www.FleetWeek.us 10/11/12-NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Coming_Out_Day 10/22-23/10-(NOTE: DATE IS 2 YEARS OLD) EXOTIC EROTIC BALL http://www.ExoticEroticBall.com 10/31/12-SF HALLOWEEN In The CASTRO http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween_in_the_Castro 11/11/12-NORTHBAY VETERANS’ DAY PARADE in PETALUMA http://www.PetalumaVeteransFlyIn.com 11/24/12-FRONTRUNNERS’ TURKEY BEACH TROT http://www.TurkeyBeachTrot.com 12/01/12-Annual GUERNEVILLE PARADE OF LIGHTS http://RussianRiver.com 12/11/11-(NOTE: 2011 DATE) CACOPHONY’s “SANTARCHY” http://SantaCon.info & http://Santarchy.com

12/31-NEW YEAR’S EVE in The Castro http://sf.funcheap.com/years-eve-10/

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RJ Pupkin Founder & Grand Exhausted Poobah The “Boyz in the Woodz” SF Bay Area Online Gay & Bi Men’s Hiking & Social Club


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