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Ask RJ: Bay Area Nude Gay Camping
From:  rj@boyzinthewoodz.org
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On May 6, 2013, at 14:34, G H <dcdupontdudehere@gmail.com> wrote:

<<Hey RJ,

Do you know of any gay nude campsites around the Bay Area? Really want to get out and be naked and fuck in a tent but just don’t know where to go. Any thoughts would be fantastic.

Thanks, and hope you’re doing well!


Hi, Graham.  Doin’ fine here, thanks.  Spring is in the air, and the season for gettin’ naked in the great outdoors is upon us!

However, I’m afraid that you’re gonna be hard pressed to find a Bay Area nude campground that is also gay sex friendly.  Most nudists/naturists do their best to prove that they DON’T allow sex, gay or straight.

Here is information about nudist/naturist resorts in the Bay Area:




Graham, there are three gay-friendly campgrounds of which I’m aware at which you can have hot Brokeback Mountain sex IN YOUR TENT, but you can NOT be so loud as to disturb your fellow campers, and at two you can NOT be naked outside your tent.  Two are in the Bay Area, namely Guerneville on the Russian River; the third is in Plymouth in the Sierra foothills.

<<–Highlands Resort – Guerneville, California

The Highlands Resort offers a relaxing and peaceful gay and lesbian (straight-friendly) retreat – a jewel under the redwoods! Before we tell you how charming, comfortable, relaxing, pampering and wonderful the resort is, you need to know that:

  • Most of our guests (about 98%) are Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered and Bi-sexual.
  • YOU do not need to be G, L, T or B – we are very “straight-friendly“. You just need to be comfortable around folks who are. (We don’t mean to thump you over the head with this part. We just want to be clear in the event you are getting married at the Catholic church down the street and want Great Auntie Esther to stay nearby.
  • We allow clothing optional (nude) sunbathing at our pool.
  • Our resort is an Adult Environment and as such, not appropriate for children most of the time. If you will be traveling with children under age 18, and still wish to stay with us or if you would like a referral to another gay friendly/child friendly place to stay, please contact us.
  • We have several pet-friendly cabins and our pet policy is explained on our “Policies” page (oddly enough).
  • TV free zone. One of our goals is to encourage “interpersonal communication”. Thus, we only have TV’s in two units (Pool Suite and Garden Suite, for you TV junkies). The rest of you are encouraged to bring someone you like who can carry their end of a conversation. We’ll supply the board games and cards. For those travelling alone, it’s easy to make new friends during breakfast or chatting in the hot tub.
  • We are now a SMOKE-FREE resort. Translated that means you can  only smoke in designated areas… OUR ‘Designated Area’ is in the  beautiful circle of redwood trees in the center of our front parking  area. This area is furnished with tables, chairs, ashtrays and ambiance  for your smoking pleasure. Smoking in any other part of the resort  violates several NEW Sonoma County (where we are) laws. Don’t make us go  all Mommie Dearest on you about this. Oh, and before you ask… this  applies to ANYTHING smoked. Medicinal or not. It’s all about second hand  smoke, not the substance smoked. (Perhaps you’ll want to look at the  baked goods for your next trip…)


A Snapshot of the Resort

Celebrating 30 years of LGTB hospitality, the Highlands Resort offers charming individual cabins an hour and a half north of San Francisco in the village of Guerneville in Sonoma County.  Our goal is to provide a retreat for our guests and a place to unwind.

Cabin porches soak up the sun and guests relax at our clothing-optional pool. Accommodations range from charming suites and romantic cabins with gas fireplaces, comfortable beds and 2-person soaking tubs to budget friendly cozy rooms and in the summer months, tent camping. All of our guests enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast each morning. Just 3 blocks from the center of the village, we are up a hill and the resort is spread over nearly 3 acres of trees and gardens.

Wireless Internet access is available at a “hot spot” centered around the office, however we encourage you to “unplug” your life and enjoy connecting with people (your love, your friends new and old) and the beautiful and enchanting area.

Let us help you make the most of your vacation by arranging restaurant reservations and massage appointments, and assisting you in planning your day’s excursions. We’re in the middle of the Russian River Recreation Area and, as such, a great starting point for outdoor activities like: canoeing the Russian River, birding, fishing or an invigorating hike in an ancient redwood forest (only 2 miles from the resort). This is also the starting point for the Vineman Triathalon and the training ground for many competitive cyclists.

Looking for a less strenuous getaway? We know the yummiest restaurants, bakeries, ice cream parlors; and can connect them with pretty drives… well, you get the idea. After your busy day, spend your evening at one of our local gay bars. Evenings are lively (summer) or laid back (winter) and the bars and clubs are just a short walk from the resort.

Wine Tasting: There are over 40 local wineries within a 20 mile radius of Highlands Resort and another 150+ in the rest of Sonoma County (that’s not counting the gazillion wine tasting rooms they’ve packed into Napa Valley – a 40 minute drive away). We have done extensive research on the local tasting rooms in Healdsburg, Alexanander Valley, Forestville, Dry Creek and Sonoma and can tailor a wine-tasting excursion especially suited to your taste in wine. (just keeping up on all the tasting rooms is exhausting for us, but you’re worth the trouble!)

-Nudity: allowed by the pool only

-Link: http://www.HighlandsResort.com>>


<<–Guerneville Lodge –  Guerneville, California

Located just 70 miles north of San Francisco and 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean The Willows offers you a country home vacation on  five spectacular acres along the banks of the Russian River.  The Guerneville Lodge, “where tourists are treated like home folk.”

Built in the early 1940’s the redwood lodge now offers 13 cozy guestrooms,with private baths.  The spacious living room has a hugh stone fireplace, grand piano and library and is furnished with comfort in mind to help you feel right at home. You can either stay in the lodge or for the purpose of this article, tent.

Campsites on forested grasslands, most overlooking the Russian River. Full access to camp showers and restroom facilities. Private dock and river access. Maximum Occupancy: 4. Units available: 12 Guests at Guerneville Lodge are served a Campsites are on forested grasslands and most overlook the Russian River. Full access to camp showers and restroom facilities. There are 12 campsites and they allow no more that 4 guys per site. They are walking distance to town with may excellent restaurants.

Rates: Tent camping is at $40 per night. If the lodge sounds good to you, with four guys you can reserve a suite at $149 per night. They have other lodge options.

By Day:Guerneville Lodge is situated among majestic willows and towering redwoods.  Here you will find quiet wooded seclusion and sunny landscaped lawns that slope down to their private dock on the river.  At the lodge you will find a relaxed, intimate and friendly atmosphere where you can get away from it all, yet still be in the heart of the many activities on the Russian River.  Hike the nature trails at Armstrong Redwoods State Park that is walking distance from the lodge, ride horses through giant redwoods and coastal mountain wilderness, or rent canoes with shuttle service through scenic vineyards and woodlands.

-Nudity: Not Allowed.

-Link: http://www.GuernevilleLodge.com

–Rancho Cicada Retreat –  Plymouth, California

Discover nature’s magic at this 44 acre riverside retreat in the Sierra foothills on the Consumes River. The retreat has two person tent cabins on 8×10 wood platforms in the camping area near the river’s edge, cabins and restrooms with showers.

Mostly men, swimming hole, tubing in the gorge, hot tub, sunbathing, volleyball, fishing, meals served with campsite, and gated by reservation only. Gay owned and operated by family.

They are located on 44 acres along the Cosumnes River, 50 miles eastof Sacramento in the historic Gold Country of California, and nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills. They are bordered by Federal lands and Nature Conservancy properties. Their beautiful river valley radiates healing energies. The native Mi-Wok Indians had a large Fall season encampment on the site which is evident from all the riverside grinding rocks.

Rates: Tent Cabin for two guests is $106 per night. They have many other options.

By Day: In addition to fishing and swimming in Cosumnes River that flows along the property, guests may innertube down the gorge or play on super-sized rafts. A guided nature and historical walk led by a seasoned naturalist is offered to groups to the upper swimming hole, where you may play on a rope swing. There are many nature trails with private look-out areas to explore. Near major wineries, many gold mines, centrally located to historical sites.

Nudity: Not Allowed.

Link: http://ranchocicadaretreat.com >>

And, of course, Graham, you can always pitch a tent in my backyard. 😉

Oh, and to get you in the mood, Google “men campning naked” and click on Images:


RJ Pupkin
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From: “Nude Dude”

Sent: Sunday, March 3, 2013 2:41pm

To: “RJ Pupkin” <RJ@BoyzInTheWoodz.org>

Subject: naked sf happenings

Hey, RJ!

I just came across your site.  I’m visiting from out of town, I’m a notorious nudie, and I was wondering if there is anything naked going on these next couple of days.

Please let me know – I’d be up for anything!   Thanks!

–Nude Dude

Photo from: http://www.Nakedism.com


From: RJ Pupkin <RJPupkin@aol.com>

Date: March 3, 2013, 14:34:54 PST

To: Nude Dude

Subject: Re: naked sf happenings

Hi, George!

Check with the Yahoo Group Fans-of-Urban-Nudism: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Fans-of-Urban-Nudism and Mitch Hightower of: http://www.bucknakedinpublic.com.

Also visit: https://www.google.com/search?q=mitch+hightower&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari

Also read: http://www.sfcityattorney.org/modules/showdocument.aspx?documentid=1086

And visit: http://mynakedtruth.tv and http://naked-truth.net and http://www.nudeinsf.com

And send pix…I’ll post ’em on our website: http//BoyzInTheWoodz.org

RJ Pupkin

Founder & Grand Exhausted Poobah

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Dear RJ,

I was out cruising the bushes last week and I saw a guy who looked suspicious.  He acted wierd.  I thought maybe he was a cop, so I left.

What’s the best way to hook-up without getting arrested?

–Scared Stiff


Dear Stiff,

I have posted this answer several times before, but it’s always good to repeat!



1) DON’T do it where the public can see…ESPECIALLY children!    You must have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and courts generally rule that bushes in public parks frequented by families do NOT provide privacy.

2) DON’T do it in your own neighborhood (where people may recognize you).

3) IF and when and where you go to cruise, DON’T expose yourself first, DON’T offer strangers sex first, and DON’T touch anyone else unless you’re damned sure he has made it clear that he wants to be touched…if you can’t later convince a judge that the man wanted you to touch him, you may be found guilty of sexual battery if the man turns out to be a cop.  Remember, every time you cruise, if you cross the line, you must be prepared to defend your actions in front of a judge if your guy turns out to be carrying a badge!

4) IF and when and where you ARE arrested, DON’T admit anything, DO use a lawyer, and DO remember that smiling, winking, and grabbing your crotch are all Constitutionally protected as 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech rights…after all, that’s why most straight men go to the beach…they’re horny and they want to meet women.  But it is NOT ILLEGAL to be gay, be horny, or to go to meet guys in public parks.  It IS ILLEGAL to expose your genitals and/or anus, and to actually have sex in a place where it’s reasonable to assume you can be seen by people who may be offended.

5) And after you’re arrested, don’t go around shouting that the police are homophobes and that you’ve been gaybashed…remember that sex in public is ALWAYS illegal everywhere, whether it’s gay or straight, and that having sex where you can be seen by people who may be offended is illegal, wrong, and stupid.  If you want to have gay sex and don’t want to be arrested and have your name published in the paper and forevermore have to register as a sex offender, take the guy home instead of fucking him in the bushes.

Copyright 2006 by RJ Pupkin.

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RJ Pupkin
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