The Billys at Sarasota Springs

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Billys Men only Summer Event at Saratoga Springs in Two weeks.
Posted by: “Mike”
Date: Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:50 pm ((PDT))

OK boys! Today is the day! Step right up!

CHAOTICA July 4 Billy Gathering at Saratoga Springs

Lake County, July 2 – 7, Billys only (gay, bi, queer men, including transmen)

We have dazzling rituals, mystical workshops, chaos and order galore, our culinary mastermind-Burt, has concocted sumptuous and delectable taste treats for you to savor daily. Don’t miss the big wheel of Karma – do you dare to take a spin? See the lovely (and slightly hairy) princesses of the Hawaiian Islands as their wiggling hips drive you wild with desire. Give yourself over to “Interdependence Day” – can you learn to trust? See the pool filled with frolicking naked men – will you serve or be served by the pool? (You know I am talking about sorbet right?), the warm Saratoga Springs sun, the glittering land and tall and watchful trees all call to you. Do not ignore their call. We all want to see YOU in all your chaotic glory. Join the fun, join the frenzy, join the serenity, and join us at CHAOTICA!

Be sure to join the 110 others who have already paved the way for your registration. Registration is still open today until 5:00 pm at the regular prices – It is waiting for YOU!

We, your co-coordinators, Kirk Read, Paul Ryder, Scott Wilburn and I, Michael Eccles and I can’t forget our portfolio holder and queen of CHAOS, Michael Towne welcome you.

To register go to:

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