C E L E B R A T E ! Today-530pm!

SF City Hall with Rainbow Lights

With today’s decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court finally acknowledging the right to same-gender marriage on the state and federal level, this year’s San Francisco Pride celebration this weekend will have even more meaning for all of us who have waited so long!

Of course, a blanket statement by the court that defining a marriage as only between a man and a woman is clearly unconstitutional would have been the best possible scenario, but we are no longer second-class citizens and are finally enjoying equal protection and equal rights.

Here are the decisions:

Federal DOMA: Provision of law passed by Congress is unconstitutional; “5-4: DOMA is unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons that is protected by the Fifth Amendment.” http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/12pdf/12-307_g2bh.pdf

California’s Prop 8: Appeal denied, lower court ruling stands which abolished Prop 8; “8-1: We hold today that we lack jurisdiction to consider it in the particular context of Hollingsworth v. Perry.” http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/12pdf/12-144_8ok0.pdf

The party begins today at 630pm at the intersection of Market & Castro streets in San Francisco, but the streets in The Castro will be closed by the SFPD by 5pm. So come on out and bask in the glow of our historic victory!



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