02-Join the Boyz

The Boyz in the Woodz Club membership is FREE to all queer men.

To join, visit our BITWClub Yahoo Group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BITWClub and click “JOIN THIS GROUP”, or e-mail: BITWClub-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.  Tell us all about yourself…give us:


     A) your name or online pseudonym,

     B) your stats,

     C) your interests, and

     D) anything interesting about you.

You can also submit pictures of yourself.  On our “THE BOYZ” page on this website, RJ will post almost any kind of picture you want to submit of yourself.

Want to CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS or LEAVE The Boyz in the Woodz Club?  You can edit your membership or remove yourself from the BITWClub Yahoo Group at any time by going to the Yahoo Group’s “EDIT MY MEMBERSHIP” page (this is YOUR responsibility, not RJ’s).


RJ Pupkin | Create Your Badge

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RJ Pupkin
Founder & Grand Exhausted Poobah
The “Boyz in the Woodz” SF Bay Area Online Gay & Bi Men’s Hiking & Social Club


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