Accroding to a copywritten article from the SF Chronicle published on SFGate.com on 8/29/12 by Heather Knight (http://blog.sfgate.com/cityinsider/2012/08/29/the-eagle-tavern-to-soar-once-more), the San Francisco EAGLE TAVERN will RE-OPEN soon!

Alex Montiel and Mike Leon, a couple of gay guys (as opposed to straight investors that had expressed interest earlier, to our community’s joint dismay and dread) will have the place open just as it was, complete with fire-pit patio, cruisy back-bar, AOR DJ, and Sunday Beer Busts for charity!

Get it straight (no pun intended) from the horse’s mouth at http://www.SF-Eagle.com:

<< It is our pleasure to announce that the Eagle will fly again!

Your new hosts, Mike and Alex, will reopen the bar as the SF Eagle.

It will take a couple of months to do the much-needed repairs and upgrades that the property requires, but some upcoming events are already in the works prior to the opening of the bar. Please check this website periodically for new announcements coming soon.

The bar and patio located at 398 12th Street has long been a special place, not only to the LGBT community, but to the entire community for decades, not to mention the live music community as well. We just couldn’t let such a historic place like this disappear!

We will continue to host fundraisers for all the organizations from the past, as well as welcoming new ones to make the SF Eagle the pride of our community once again.

We look forward to seeing all of you very soon!>>


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