Sun 7/20/14-Nude Hike-Marin-Hagmire Pond

Hello, Boyz!

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Hagmire Pond

This Sunday, 7/20/14, we’re going for a nude hike in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area up Randall Trail.

This is a gorgeous wooded foot trail from Highway 1 all the way up to Bolinas Ridge. It’s a rarely-used trail on which it’s possible to hike for hours and not run into another soul. The Boyz have hiked up Randall many times in the past, sometimes encountering other hikers, sometimes horseback riders, and sometimes no one at all. The GGNRA is federal land, and there is no federal law against nudity, so, as long as you’re not caught by a park ranger touching yourself or another in a sexual fashion, you are breaking no law.

On October 21, 2000 we camped at adjoining Samuel P Taylor State Park on Saturday night and then hiked naked down Randall Trail the next morning, spending the sunny afternoon naked at Hagmire Pond and Starlight Meadow.

Bring clothing you can carry (e.g., shorts and a t-shirt), along with water, a camera, and condoms & lube (if, given the opportunity, you might need them), and be prepared for a rigorous hike of at least an hour up a steep, winding dirt road, and another hour back down, plus goofing around time on top of the ridge, and lounging time at sunny Hagmire Pond below. You may also want to bring and leave in the car a lawn chair and/or blanket and food and sunblock, in case you decide to “stick it out” at Hagmire/Starlight after the hike. Ahem.

MEET RJ at 1200-1215pm at the Randall trailhead at Hagmire Pond, on Highway 1 between Olema and Dogtown (just north of the turn to Bolinas). There are PICTURES & MAPS at, and here are DIRECTIONS TO HAGMIRE:

Hagmire/Starlight/Randall is on Highway 1 between Olema and Stinson Beach, 6.1 miles south of the intersection of Sir Francis Drake in Olema, 2.4 miles south of the Five Brooks Trailhead, and just 1.5 miles north of Dogtown.

From Sonoma County, take Highway 1 south from Pt. Reyes, 6.1 miles past Olema. When you pass Five Brooks Trail head, you’re 2.4 miles north. Look for the cars along the west side of the road and the cattle gate on the east side, with a sign for “Randall Trail.”

From San Francisco, take the Highway 1/Stinson Beach turnoff from 101 and take the long drive past Muir Beach and Woods, Stinson Beach, and past the Bolinas-Fairfax road intersection. When you pass Dogtown you’re close; the “Dogtown Pottery” sign is 1.5 miles to the south. Look for the cars along the west side of the road and the cattle gate on the east side.

At 1215pm we’ll begin our nude hike up Randall Trail to Bolinas Ridge, and then return to Hagmire Pond and Starlight Meadow to spend the afternoon naked in the sun! Join us! It’s free!

And we’ll see you in the woodz!

Hagmire Map Composite


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