05-The Hikes


Since 1998, RJ has hosted hundreds of our signature NUDE HIKES.  Sometimes we go to clothed venues, particularly in the case of inclement weather.  But don’t think that’s a strictly summer/winter sort of distinction…the SF Bay Area is funny that way…some days in July are FREEZING cold with blowing fog, and some days in January are gorgeous and sunny and 75 degrees.  We play it by ear.  It almost never rains here in the summer, but some of the hottest days, best for gettin’ naked, are in October.

And, of course, sometimes it’s nice, for a little variety, to go somewhere where it’s neither legal nor customary to be naked.  But there are TONS of legally (or at least customarily) clothing-optional venues in the SF Bay Area, which is chocked-full of federal park land, where there is no law against simple nudity (believe it or not, that is also the case withing the city limits of San Francisco, to our great joy).

On this page are a few old pictures of old Boyz in the Woodz Club hikes…more will be added in time.  If YOU have pictures you’d like to add, please send them to RJ@BoyzInTheWoodz.org.


Here are some random shots…with some random prose…

(These were on our original AOL HomePage, so we had to cover genitalia.)

Swimming in the river are several Boyz and dogz…

both types are very hairy, but neither wear their togz.

Boyz love to pose for photos…but the pictures aren’t complete

unless they’re showing lots of skin…yet still trying to be discreet.

Shutterbugs on Bolinas Ridge always hide out in the bush…

The Boyz aren’t shy, as you can see…we’re glad to show some tush!

The Boyz hike to Bonita…if this pic gives you a rash,

just remember this kind of climbing gives you a real healthy ass!

On the 3 Park Hike the Boyz saw deer and skunks and birds and hogs,

yet RJ still got a ticket from a ranger for his dog!

The Friday Night Skate is a favorite of the Boyz each and every week…

it’s 10 miles through The City…give that bunny a little tweek!

RCA Beach is long and beautiful, and nice because it’s not well-knowed.

Wanna find the waterfall?  Just follow the driftwood road!

SOME of the Boyz climbed all the way, SOME of the Boyz did NOT…

RJ shot this picture from RCA waterfall’s very top!

Climbing up the creek is one thing…it was raining, it was wet…

when the tide came up, while all survived, some wanted RJ dead!

RJ decided to take a firm stand

And now you could say that Tommy is manned!

Paul & Tommy & Eric…Howard, RJ, & brother Don,

camping at Sam P Taylor…at this moment we had clothes on!

Fleet Week in the Bay means lots of seamen sailing by…

so the Boyz came out & got naked just to say a little “Hi!”

That’s RJ, John, and Rupert (top…he’s British; pale, but cute)…

come join us next time the Navy cums…in your birthday suit!

Well, with 13 years of hiking naked…we should have a lot more pics,

but RJ wasn’t snappin’ ’cause he was too busy checkin’ out dicks!

If you’ve been hiking with us and you’ve got some photo-graphs,

scan and e-mail them imme-jiate-ly, whether they’re of trail or face or ass!

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RJ Pupkin Founder & Grand Exhausted Poobah The “Boyz in the Woodz” SF Bay Area Online Gay & Bi Men’s Hiking & Social Club


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