Wohler Hike This Sunday 8/09/15

Hello, Boyz!

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Hello, Boyz!  It’s been a long time since I hosted a hike, but the weather this Sunday will be sunny, HOT, and beautiful, with 88 degrees forecast…so let’s head to the woodz!



—SUNDAY 08/09/15

* JOIN RJ for a BWClub NUDE HIKE to WOHLER BEACH & MEADOW along the beautiful Russian River in Sonoma County.


MEET RJ at NOON in the main parking lot ($7 fee per vehicle) inside RIVERFRONT REGIONAL PARK at 7821 Eastside Road in Healdsburg (though actually closer to Windsor; there is a StreetView photo of the road and the gate online).  There is limited shaded parking alongside the redwood grove in which are found the picnic facilities and restrooms.  Visit:


At 12:15pm we’ll hike (clothed) to Wohler woods, at which time (barring civilian sightings) we can strip down and finish the hike through the woodz, the meadow, and down to the beach completely buck-ass naked.


BYOWater, swimwear (in case civilians show up), sunblock, and blanket and/or lawnchair.  There is a HUGE meadow, a gravelly sand beach, tons of shade, and very cool water for swimming.  And note that this outing will entail a hike of approximately 75 minutes in and 75 minutes out, plus any time spent cruising/socializing/relaxing at the beach and/or meadow.


So we’ll see you Sunday at Riverfront Park at NOON.

Or, we’ll see you in the woodz!

RJ Pupkin
Founder & Grand Exhausted Poobah

The “Boyz in the Woodz” SF Bay Area Online Gay & Bi Men’s Hiking & Social Club